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Focus on Finance at Northwestern Kellogg

A quick glance at  Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business: Kellogg currently ranks in fourth place as one of the best business schools (tied with MIT Sloan and Chicago Booth), according to US News World Report (March 2012). It was ranked #10 for finance.  Ã‚   Northwestern Kellogg Class of 2014 Stats Some facts about Kellogg’s students: 5071 people applied to Kellogg in 2011-12; 477 students enrolled in the two-year MBA program. 100 enrolled in the one-year program. The mid-80% age range of incoming students in 2012 was 25-31. The mid 80% range of work experience was 3.2-7.25 years. The average GMAT score in 2012 was 708. Kellogg Academics Related to Finance Students must complete a nine-course core in addition to the elective component. These courses cover all general management topics, including Finance I. There are two finance majors available for those wishing to pursue careers in financial services – Finance and Analytical Finance. To concentrate in either one of these majors, students must take two required courses – Finance I and Finance II (or Finance I/II). Finance I is part of the core, as mentioned above. For the Finance major, students must also take three additional Finance credit units from the following: FINC-444 Value Investing FINC-451 Money Markets and the Fed FINC-460 Investments FINC-462 Portfolio Management FINC-464 Fixed Income Securities FINC-465 Derivative Markets I FINC-467 Derivative Markets II FINC-470 International Finance FINC-941 Macroeconomic Policy and Global Capital Markets FINC-970 Empirical Methods in Finance For Analytic Finance major, students must also take the required course Derivative Markets 1 and four more Finance electives from the following: FINC-442 Financial Decisions FINC-444 Value Investing (formerly FINC-925 Advanced Topics in Finance) FINC-447 Financial Strategy and Tax Planning FINC-451 Money Markets and the Fed FINC-460 Investments FINC-464 Fixed Income Securities FINC-467 Derivative Markets II FINC-941 Macroeconomic Policy and Global Capital Markets FINC-970 Empirical Methods in Finance Financial Research Centers at Kellogg Accounting Research Center Financial Institutions and Markets Research Center Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capita Kellogg Clubs and Conferences for Finance Students Corporate Finance Club Investment Banking Capital Markets Club Investment Management Club Private Equity Venture Capital Club Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference Finance Employment Stats at Kellogg In 2011, 7% of Kellogg graduates accepted full-time jobs in investment banking, brokerage, and securities and 12% in other financial services, private equity, and venture capital.    Industry (Full-time jobs) % of Hires Salary Average Commercial Banking 1 $117,000 Diversified Financial Services 3 $96,438 Hedge Funds 1 $113,571 Investment Banking/Brokerage/Securities 7 $103,359 Investment Management 2 $104,000 Private Equity 4 $135,011 Venture Capital 1 $134,000 For the finance function, the percentage of hires and average salaries look as follows: Function (Full-time jobs) % of Hires Salary Average Analyst/Research 1 $106,667 Corporate Finance 1 $94,344 Investment Banking 6 $102,571 Investment Management 3 $122,000 Mergers Acquisitions 1 $105,000 Other Finance 4 $117,989 Sales Trading 1 $97,500 Treasury 1 $102,222 For internships for the class of 2011, 8% of students landed investment banking/brokerage/securities internships and 10% received internships in other financial services/private equity/venture capital. Industry (Internships) % of Hires Salary Average Commercial Banking 1 $6,875 Diversified Financial Services 1 $8,898 Hedge Funds 1 $8,637 Investment Banking/Brokerage/Securities 8 $8,297 Investment Management 2 $8,287 Private Equity 4 $6,043 Venture Capital 1 $5,020 Top hirers for full-time and internship positions include: Name of Company Number of Full-Time Students Hired, 2011 Number of Interns Hired, 2011 Citi 12 5 Barclays Capital 5 4 Bank of America 4 7 Discover Financial Services 4 N/A Goldman, Sachs Co. 4 3 William Blair and Company, L.L.C. 4 N/A Blackstone Group 2 1 J.P. Morgan 2 6 Credit Suisse 2 3 Morgan Stanley 2 5 UBS Investment Bank 2 5    Are you applying to Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business? Please see our Kellogg B-School Zone, Kellogg Application Packages, and Kellogg 2013 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips for more information on how can help you get accepted. //

Introduction For John Locke Essay Topics

Presentation For John Locke Essay TopicsThe subjects in which an article is readied will choose the sort of presentation for John Locke paper points. The subjects picked by the understudy is one of the principal things the educator takes a gander at and afterward the person in question chooses a theme to make the paper all the more intriguing. A few people accept that a decent presentation ought to be short yet useful, while others would state that more drawn out presentations ought to likewise be useful and interesting.Students can decide to do a near report or to take a gander at various abstract works and writers to make their very own presentation. In the event that the seminar on John Locke is well known, understudies might be solicited to utilize a number from other scholarly fills in as motivation. The choice of a subject can raise numerous inquiries with respect to the root of the political hypothesis and the way it evolved.Students should consider the proposal articulation b efore they start composing their presentation. The decisions can extend from the basic to the cloud. A decent layout can assist them with beginning, yet it is dependent upon the understudy to compose the introduction.If understudies know the announcement, they won't need to clarify the thinking behind it, which will eliminate the time it takes to persuade perusers that they are incorrect. As a result of the idea of the point, understudies may likewise need to set aside some effort to discuss recent developments. The subject should give them enough data to animate thought.One significant point to remember is that there is no set in stone manner to compose a presentation. It is an open door for the understudy to enlighten perusers a smidgen regarding themselves and set them straight. A decent presentation resembles some other piece of the exposition, in that the significance is subject to how the composing is presented.These key expressions in the presentation can likewise be utilized all through the remainder of the paper. Understudies should examine the entirety of the catchphrases that they need to remember for their exposition. Now and again the setting of the expression is basic. Understudies should utilize the watchwords accurately, yet they will have the option to accomplish the best outcome on the off chance that they think of enough phrases.Topics that will prompt conversation all through the paper will be valuable as long as the lead article is on the theme. It is the objective of the educator to give understudies the devices they have to comprehend the thought behind their contention. On the off chance that the understudy doesn't appreciate the thought, they will have squandered the chance to turn into a more grounded writer.Sometimes the motivation behind a particular term is to make a riddle with the peruser. Understudies ought to consistently endeavor to abstain from utilizing such a large number of words or an excessive number of expressions when they decide to inquire about a specific subject. Utilizing the correct words isn't just better for the perusers, yet it is likewise a superior technique for composing, taking into account that words are utilized for importance and making an idea.

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Why Essays Are Important and Why English Extended Essay Topics Are a Key to Passing Your Exams

Why Essays Are Important and Why English Extended Essay Topics Are a Key to Passing Your ExamsExtemp subjects are the goldmine for choosing papers. Truth be told, this theme classification alone could make your test progressively sensible. It's anything but difficult to think of the best themes that will get you through your last papers.First and first, we should explain that what we will talk about isn't the most significant piece of your assessment. Be that as it may, it is an incredibly critical factor. Extemp points are both the establishment and the foundation of your syllabus.English Extended Essay Topics have to do with genuine circumstances or issues. These articles must be very much inquired about and scientific. They should respond to the focal inquiries and draw out the quintessence of your paper in the most limited time possible.Grammar and sentence structure assumes a significant job. The objective is to give adequate evidence, realities and investigation about a given o ccasion or circumstance. All things considered, the exposition must create an unmistakable, compact and concise understanding of the circumstance. It's the main route for you to exhibit your profundity of information on the topic.If the subject you decide to cover is too enormous for you, at that point you should begin by picking the most relevant theme. Try not to wander off subject by attempting to cover the expansive range of themes that may not be sufficiently centered to introduce the required information.English Extended Essay Topics ought not take quite a bit of your time, neither do they should be troublesome. You should choose subjects that intrigue you and that are not actually your strengths. These will be the focal point of your composition and will shape the establishment for you to compose your other articles.Long structure expositions ought to have the option to appropriately respond to all the understudy's inquiries. It is significant that your exposition speaks to y our entire conclusion. These are the key reasons why English Essay Topics can have a significant effect with regards to making the grade.While English Extended Essay Topics can't promise you a section in the course, it makes it a lot simpler for you to succeed. Thusly, attempt to compose a paper that will make your teacher, particularly, pay attention. Try not to let your article is an idea in retrospect.

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Essay Writing Tips - The Best Essay Writing Tip is to Write From the Heart

Paper Writing Tips - The Best Essay Writing Tip is to Write From the HeartThe best exposition composing tip is to be certain and to compose from the heart. This is the genuine mystery of making an article that truly stands out.When you compose a paper, it is your conclusion, so what better approach to have it attested than by occupying in a space where you state what your identity is and what you accept. The most noticeably terrible thing is to appeared to be pessimistic or dastardly, this won't draw in individuals to your paper, which is the entire point.The best article composing tip is to be sure and to compose from the heart. It won't just make you progressively well known with your cohorts, yet in addition dazzle your teachers.Another tip is to ensure you have a thought of what you need to state before you compose. You should have the option to shape a manner of thinking with the goal that your paper gets strong. In the event that you are in a circumstance where you can't consid er what to compose, fire looking into books on exposition composing and afterward truly focus on the essay.Students have extraordinary desires when they previously come to class and hope to be allowed each benefit. When you accomplish this, you will be in a superior situation to compose an article and make the progress that you need to.Faculty individuals are not intrigued with your paper except if you have made them compose understanding. On the off chance that you have never composed a genuine article, set aside the effort to investigate what genuine scholars do, at that point put that information to use all alone essay.The best paper composing tip is to invest however much energy as could reasonably be expected on each area of your exposition. In the event that you go through two hours on the presentation, at that point go through two hours on the body and afterward one hour on the end and afterward the paper ought to be composed for the class.Remember these tips, it is all piece of the way toward getting that ideal school application. Record them and consistently attempt to ensure that your exposition is as near flawlessness as could reasonably be expected.

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Essay Samples With Thesis - Getting A Good Paper

Exposition Samples With Thesis - Getting A Good PaperFor journalists of scholastic papers, the simplest method to begin with your exploration on the postulation is to get hold of some article tests with proposal. These are extremely valuable devices that assist you with composing a superior paper. They give you a smart thought of what the understudies will anticipate that you should do and the more you think about them, the better your examination will be.Thesis tests with proposal is an incredible device for the essayist. It permits him to layout a decent framework of the whole work. Thus, while composing the proposal, you can generally allude to these models. On the off chance that you feel that your diagram is deficient with regards to, at that point, you can generally examine the models so you can have a superior thought regarding how it ought to be done.Your look into isn't finished without a contention. This will consistently be a theme which should be canvassed in the paper. T o make this simpler for you, you can examine the instances of paper tests with proposition and attempt to think about a contention that you can use.When you have just composed the theory, you would then be able to proceed onward to another phase of your examination. Postulations can fluctuate from article to paper, in this manner, you have to peruse all the various types of exposition tests with theory so you will have the option to choose the best one for your work. There are numerous assets that you can use for this.When you start your exploration, you can go to various schools and read the papers they have created. This will assist you with finding out about the qualities of each school. You will likewise figure out how the educators ought to approach composing an essay.You can likewise go on the web and discover exposition tests with theory and study them cautiously. This will permit you to abstain from committing any errors. Along these lines, youwill have the option to compose better.Theses with models are extraordinary models for all the understudies with regards to composing scholarly papers. This will assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from botches and simultaneously, will keep you on target with what the schools anticipate. Thusly, you won't be overpowered by what you have to do.Now that you have a few thoughts on the best way to get yourself some decent exposition tests with postulation, you will have a more clear thought regarding how to compose a paper. Thus, begin searching for these examples with proposition and get yourself an excellent paper for your school.

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Essay Samples of Hypothyroidism Why Use Them

Paper Samples of Hypothyroidism: Why Use Them?Essay tests of hypothyroidism help you in understanding the infection. It contains representations, charts and terms in legitimate English language. You can discover numerous subjects like the analytic methodology, natural data, sustenance, side effects, cause, symptoms, anticipation and significantly more identified with the ailment. There are numerous individuals who tend to need insight and subsequently, they can't concentrate on the themes and subjects in any of the subject or subjects on the syllabus.Therefore, in the event that you need to compose an article that would improve your scholarly exhibition at that point go for the course that has required normal treatment. The composed word is fundamental so as to give a decent report on the point. Moreover, the subjects are given in a legitimate way so it will be simple for the peruser to comprehend the subject. Along these lines, the whole investigation will be acceptable and the peru ser will recall the point for what's to come. Article tests of hypothyroidism would help the student in understanding the entire process.To finish up, in the inquiry, you should answer whether you know the distinction among hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. On the off chance that you have not found out about these maladies, at that point go for the article tests of hypothyroidism that contains insights regarding the side effects and the causes. On the off chance that you are likewise experiencing the state of hypothyroidism, at that point go for the themes on characteristic treatment to treat the infection. A few specialists propose getting the suggestion from a specialist. In any case, on the off chance that you are experiencing the infection of hypothyroidism, at that point you can discover additionally fascinating papers on this subject through the online resource.Medical journalists have seen an utilization of papers as helpful for patients just as human services essay ist. The expositions help them to improve their insight in a limited capacity to focus time. They can utilize these expositions to comprehend the material in a progressively all encompassing manner. This will assist them with writing a decent report for the assessments and this will assist them with pushing forward in the field of clinical writing.Health care understudies additionally discover this kind of paper valuable in understanding the different subjects that are normally connected with the infection. They can pick the themes as per their capability and the subject that they are keen on. Additionally, there are many paper tests accessible online that has examined about the sickness. These expositions are likewise liberated from cost. Numerous medicinal services experts additionally join the site of such sites.It isn't just wellbeing related composing that they can apply for; exposition tests of hypothyroidism are accessible for understudies in their quest for training. The hum an services author can likewise adhere to the guidelines referenced in the papers gave by the wellbeing sites. It is in every case better to accomplish some exploration work before composing a decent report. This will assist you with getting the possibility of the material that you have to compose. This will likewise guarantee that the substance of the exposition is totally evident and accurate.Online papers are additionally valuable for the individuals who are seeking after wellbeing related papers. The odds of literary theft are higher if the article is composed on paper. Hence, it is prudent to do some examination and locate the free examples of the subject before the genuine essay.In case you don't know about the themes or substance of the paper, at that point you can counsel the master on wellbeing related articles. You can visit his site and get a thought regarding the subjects.

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Add Math Essay 2 Essays

Include Math Essay 2 Essays Include Math Essay 2 Essay Include Math Essay 2 Essay Extra Mathematics Project Work 2 Written By : Nurul Hazira Syaza Abas I/C : 940602-01-6676 Angka Giliran : School : SMK Kangkar Pulai Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve Numb| Title| Page| 1| Acknowledge| 1| 2| Objective| 2| 3| Introduction Part I| 3| 4| Mathematics In Cake Baking And Cake Decorating| 4 5| Part II| 6 14| 6| Part III| 15 17| 7| Further Exploration| 18 21| 8| Reflection| 22 23| 9| Conclusion| 24| 10| Reference| 25| Table. of. Content Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve Acknowledge As a matter of first importance, I might want to state Alhamdulillah, for invigorating me the and wellbeing to accomplish this undertaking work. Not overlooked my folks for giving everything, for example, cash, to purchase whatever are identified with this task work and their prompt, which is the most required for this undertaking. Web, books, PCs what not. They additionally upheld me and urged me to finish this errand with the goal that I won't hesitate in doing it. At that point I might want to thank my instructor, Puan Andek for controlling me and my companions all through this undertaking. We had a few troubles in carrying out this responsibility, yet he showed us persistently until we realized what to do. He attempted and attempted to instruct us until we comprehend what we expected to do with the venture work. To wrap things up, my companions who were doing this venture with me and sharing our thoughts. They were useful that when we consolidated and talked about together, we had this undertaking done. Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 1 Objective The points of doing this undertaking work are: * To apply and adjust an assortment of critical thinking methodologies to take care of issues * To improve thinking abilities * To elevate successful scientific correspondence To create numerical information through critical thinking such that increments students’ premium and certainty * To utilize the language of science to communicate scientific thoughts unequivocally * To give learning condition that animates and upgrades compelling learning * To cre ate uplifting disposition towards arithmetic Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 2 Introduction Part 1 Cakes arrive in an assortment of structures and seasons and are among most loved pastries served during extraordinary events, for example, birthday celebrations, Hari Raya, weddings and others. Cakes are prized as a result of their onderful taste as well as in the craft of cake preparing and cake enriching Baking a cake offers a scrumptious method to rehearse math abilities, for example, parts and proportions, in a certifiable setting. Numerous means of heating a cake, for example, tallying fixings and setting the broiler clock, give fundamental math practice to small kids. More established youngsters and adolescents can utilize progressively refined math to illuminate preparing quandaries, for example, how to make a cake formula bigger or littler or how to figure out what size cuts you should cut. Rehearsing math while preparing not just improves your math aptitud es, it causes you become a progressively adaptable and ingenious bread cook. Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 3 MATHEMATICS IN CAKE BAKING AND CAKE DECORATING GEOMETRY To decide appropriate measurements for the cake, to help with planning and finishing cakes that comes in numerous alluring shapes and structures, to evaluate volume of cake to be created When making a clump of cake hitter, you end up with a specific volume, controlled by the formula. The dough puncher should then pick the proper size and state of skillet to accomplish the ideal outcome. In the event that the dish is too large, the cake turns out to be excessively short. On the off chance that the container is excessively little, the cake turns out to be excessively tall. This leads into the following circumstance. The proportion of the surface zone to the volume decides how much outside layer a heated positive attitude have. The more surface zone there is, contrasted with the volume, the quicker the thing will prepare, and the less inside there will be. For an extremely enormous, thick thing, it will set aside a long effort for the warmth to infiltrate to the inside. To abstain from having a stone hard outside for this situation, the pastry specialist should bring down the temperature a smidgen and heat for a more drawn out time. We blend fixings in round dishes since blocks would have corners where unmixed fixings would collect, and we would make some hard memories scratching them into the hitter. Math (DIFFERENTIATION) To decide least or greatest measure of elements for cake-preparing, to gauge min. or then again max. measure of cream required for adorning, to assess min. or then again max. Size of cake created. Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 4 PROGRESSION To decide absolute weight/volume of multi-story cakes with corresponding measurements, to gauge complete fixings required for cake-preparing, to assess aggregate sum of cream for enhancement. For instance when we make a cake with numerous layers, we should fix the distinction of measurement of the two layers. So we can say that it utilized math movement. When the width of the main layer of the cake is 8? nd the width of second layer of the cake is 6? , then the breadth of the third layer ought to be 4?. For this situation, we utilize math movement where the distinction of the width is steady that is 2. At the point when the distance across diminishes, the weight likewise diminishes. That is the way how the cake is equalizati on to keep it from kiss. We can likewise utilize proportion, since when we set up the element for each layer of the cake, we have to diminish its proportion from lower layer to upper layer. At the point when we cut the cake, we can utilize division to devide the cake as indicated by the all out individuals that will eat the cake. Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 5 Part 11 Best Bakery shop got a request from your school to heat a 5 kg of round cake as appeared in Diagram 1 for the Teachers’ Day festivity. 1) If a kilogram of cake has a volume of 38000cm3, and the stature of the cake is to be 7. 0 cm, the width of the preparing plate to be utilized to fit the 5 kg cake requested by your school 3800 is Volume of 5kg cake = Base zone of cake x Height of cake 3800 x 5 = (3. 142)( d/2)? x 7 1900/7 (3. 142) = ( d/2)? 863. 872 = (d/2 )? d/2 = 29. 392 d = 58. 784 cm Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 2) The internal elements of stove: 80cm length, 60cm width, 45cm tallness a) The equation that framed for d as far as h by utilizing the recipe for volume of cake, V = 19000 will be: 19000 = (3. 142)(d/2)(d/2)  ? h 1900/(3. 142)2 = d  ? /4 24188. 415/h = d  ? d = 155. 53/h Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 7 Height,h| Diameter,d| 1. 0| 155. 53| 2. 0| 10 9. 98| 3. 0| 89. 79| 4. 0| 77. 76| 5. 0| 69. 55| 6. 0| 63. 49| 7. 0| 58. 78| 8. 0| 54. 99| 9. 0| 51. 84| 10. 0| 49. 18| Table 1 b) I) h 7cm isn't appropriate, in light of the fact that the subsequent distance across created is too enormous to even think about fitting into the stove. Moreover, the cake would be excessively short and excessively wide, making it less alluring. b) ii) The most reasonable measurements (h and d) for the cake is h = 8cm, d = 54. 99cm, in light of the fact that it can fit into the stove, and the size is appropriate for simple dealing with. c) I) a similar recipe in 2(a) is utilized, that is 19000 = (3. 142)( )? h. A similar procedure is likewise utilized, that is, make d the subject. A condition which is appropriate and pertinent for the chart: Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 8 1900= (3. 1420(d/2)  ? h 119000/(3. 142)h = d  ? /4 24188. 415/h = d  ? d = 155. 53/vh d = 155. 53h(1-/? ) log d = log 155. 3h(- 1/? ) log d = (- 1/? )log h + log 155. 53 Table of log d = (- 1/? )log h + log 155. 53 Height,h| Diameter,d| Log h| Log d| 1. 0| 155. 53| 0. 00| 2. 19| 2. 0| 109. 98| 0. 30| 2. 04| 3. 0| 89. 79| 0. 48| 1. 95| 4. 0| 77. 76| 0. 60| 1. 89| 5. 0| 69. 55| 0. 70| 1. 84| 6. 0| 63. 49| 0. 78| 1. 80| 7. 0| 58. 78| 0. 8 5| 1. 77| 8. 0| 54. 99| 0. 90| 1. 74| 9. 0| 51. 84| 0. 95| 1. 71| 10. 0| 49. 18| 1. 0| 1. 69| Table 2 Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 9 Graph of log d against log h Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 10 ii) Based on the diagram: a) d when h = 10. 5cm h = 10. 5cm, log h = 1. 21, log d = 1. 680, d = 47. 86cm b) h when d = 42cm d = 42cm, log d = 1. 623, log h = 1. 140, h = 13. 80cm 3) The cake with new cream, with uniform thickness 1cm is brightened a) The measure of new cream expected to enrich the cake, utilizing the measurements Ive proposed in 2(b)(ii) My answer in 2(b)(ii) ==; h = 8cm, d = 54. 99cm Amount of new cream = volume of new cream required (territory x stature) Amount of new cream = volume of cream at the top surface + volume of cream along the edge surface The base surface region of cake isn't checked, on the grounds that were embellishing the noticeable piece of the cake just (top and sides). Clearly, we dont enhance the base piece of the cake Volume of cream at the top surface = Area of top surface x Height of cream = (3. 142)(54. 99/2) ? )x 1 = 2375 cm? Volume of cream along the edge surface = Area of side surface x Height of cream = (Circumference of cake x Height of cake) x Height of cream = 2(3. 142)( 54. 99/2)(8) x 1 = 1382. 23 cm? Along these lines, measure of new cream = 2375 + 1382. 23 = 3757. 23 cm? Copyright 2011  ©. Hazira Syaza, All Right Reserve 11 c) Three different shapes (the state of the base of the cake) for the cake with same tallness which is relies upon the 2(b)(ii) and volume 19000cm? The volume of top surface is consistently the equivalent for all shapes (since stature is same), My answer (with h = 8cm, and volume of cream on top surface =1900/8 = 2375 cm? ) 19000 = base zone x stature base region = 1900/8 length x width = 2375 By preliminary and improvement, 2375 = 50 x 47. 5 (length = 50, width = 47. 5, stature = 8) Therefore, volume of cream = 2(Area of left and right side surface)(Height of cream) + 2(Area of front and posterior surface)(Height of cream) + volume of top surface = 2(50